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Days in Deloo

There are six days comprising a week in Deloo, which rotate backwards in line with Kpebunwee, when aligned with the seven days (of a week) in the Gregorian Calendar. Kpenbunwee is the day set aside by Deloose (people of Deloo) to worship their tribal deity,… Read More »Days in Deloo

Deloo Tradition

Our History The Deloo were one of the Guan/Guru-speaking peoples who settled in the forest area of the now Oti Region of modern Ghana between the 11th and 13th centuries. The separate Deloo clans were united by the shrine or deity Kpebu located at Bontibor,… Read More »Deloo Tradition

Deloo Culture

The Deloo religion is a combination of spiritual and supernatural powers. They are of the opinion that plants, animals, and trees have souls. They also believe in fairies, witchcraft, and forest monsters. There are diverse religious beliefs involving ancestors, highest shrine Kpebu, gods (bɛɛ̃niŋ), or… Read More »Deloo Culture

History Of Deloose

The Deloo (Delo) live in central Ghana in the Rain forests and the Transitional Zone of West Africa, approximately 300 kilometres away from the coast. The Deloo are a major ethnic group of the four indigenous tribes (Deloo, Akyode, Adele and Challa) in the Nkwanta… Read More »History Of Deloose

Second Kedeesa & Kagyoraa Festival (Senkiti) – 2021

PROGRAMME SECOND KEDEESA & KAGYORAA FESTIVAL (SENKITI) – 2021 THEME – BUILDING UNITY THROUGH DIVERSITY Join the second Kedeesa/Kagyoraa festival to probe, explore and experience our understanding of diversity, inclusion and identity. DELOO (NORTHERN NTRUBU) TRADITIONAL AREA KEDEESA/KAGYORAA FESTIVAL (SENKITI) PROGRAMME OF ACTIVITIES BackgroundIn November 2021,… Read More »Second Kedeesa & Kagyoraa Festival (Senkiti) – 2021