Deloo Tradition

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The Deloo were one of the Guan/Guru-speaking peoples who settled in the forest area of the now Oti Region of modern Ghana between the 11th and 13th centuries. The separate Deloo clans were united by the shrine or deity Kpebu located at Bontibor, which offered protection for Deloo people. The priest took the title of Sai (High priest) and founded the Deloo empire. He united all Deloo clans under Kpebu for protection, initiated subpriests in each community who were answerable to him and had dominion over the entire territory and people. Practically, the Kpebu Sai was the ruler of the entire Deloo empire through his subpriests. The empire extends into present day Togo (Digiŋgiŋ, Amedzro and Tumurumu), Ntrubu Traditional Area and Deloo (Northern Ntrubo) Traditional Area.

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