Days in Deloo

There are six days comprising a week in Deloo, which rotate backwards in line with Kpebunwee, when aligned with the seven days (of a week) in the Gregorian Calendar. Kpenbunwee is the day set aside by Deloose (people of Deloo) to worship their tribal deity, Kpebu at Bontibor.
Coincidentally, Kpassa market day also falls on Kpebunwee. All Deloose owe allegiance to Kpebu. Indeed, like some tribes in Oti Region, the Chief Priest of Kpebu ruled over the entire Deloo kingdoms (Northern Ntrubo kingdom, Ntrubu Kingdom and those in present day Togo) until chieftaincy institutions were introduced in Deloo land.
The six days are:
Weekum; and

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